2014 :-)

We wish you a very happy new year 2014 : may all your dreams come true and may you become fulfilled 🙂

La multi ani 2014 !

Nous vous souhaitons une très bonne année 2014 !


I trust in my self-learning abilities, but constantly try to broaden my skills and understanding.

I am good at writing in french. I am also good at self learning and building “tools” in order to work efficiently : organization, planning & procedures.

I try to improve my english and I would like to be better at healing others spiritual wounds, to “align” their conscious will with their subconscious will…

How to cook the french “Christmas log”…

The Christmas Eve is already here, so Cristina proposes you a traditional French cake , made especially for Christmas, called « Christmas log ». It is delicious and will certainly have a lot of success on your Christmas table 🙂 !

Do not forget to activate the english captions !

Good deal in Bali: the Warung Padang Kecag restaurant

One of the good deals you can make when you travel on the amazing Bali island is to come and eat at the  “Warung Padang Kecag” restaurant. Located in Candidasa, the couple of owners is extremely sympathetic. (…)

(…) the “added value”, and the ladies will surely appreciate, is that you can make purchases with the help of the spouse in the small shop close to the tables, while the husband is cooking some awesome meals in the kitchen.
Yummy  🙂 !

Some links to find them :


and their Facebook page :


Stay tuned because we will surely talk about them in the future on this blog 🙂

2005 – Aventura Parc: The native forest…

The “history”, or rather the Aventura Parc story in Romania begins in 2005 when we were already looking for a forest for almost two years (sporadic at first, because we had to develop another company and build our house, and after a while systematically) where to build the first nature adventure park in Romania ;-) .

In villages around Bucharest we were greeted with astonishment, indifference, sometimes even with a slight aggression: what do the French guys want with their amusement park with cables, ropes and other crazy things? Our project was complete “extra terrestrial” in those days …

Fortunately sometime in early May 2005 we met in Butimanu an agricultural agent that has proven cooperative and open to our wacky idea. He told us about a hectare of forest at the edge of the village Lucianca (completely unknown then! :-P). We went to visit … As you’ll see below there was nothing special in this forest (…)

(…) Nevertheless in contrast to the dozens of parcels visited before it encompassed most of the conditions sine qua non that were required for us to buy something like this: national road access, proximity to an electric pole (we thought naively that it will be easy to put there a power transformer to the park but you will have to see what Electrica (the electricity company) did  to us in 2006  :-( ), relatively large trees for the area …

Like many in life, we made a decision quickly (about two days) and made the papers, paid the money, and took possession of Lucianca forest.

Quickly followed the establishement of the company, the beginning of the brand deposit procedure at the OSIM (another nest of “competent” people) and we only had to build the park… Indeed?

So much for 2005, thank you for reading 🙂 !