2006 – Wake up to reality…

This winter was the first we met the crude reality of wood theft, a reality which is sadly at an undustrial scale in Romania.  Actually we began the year this way, on a cold 2006 january morning, by stating that several trees had been cut : almost a quarter of all the forest we bought a few months before… You will see on the photos below that there were marked trails for the thieves’ carts…

Then we had a mix of feelings : shock, distaste, helplessness. But we had to take energetic measures in order  to stop this slaugher and remain shortly without our forest in Lucianca!

So we tried quickly to have a contract with the civil forest keeping agency, but until today we did not succeed to get any paper from them  :-). We went to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests were we bit the dust in front of the “eternal and fascinating” bureaucracy (as a reference to the book “Eternal and Fascinating Romania“).

But happily the chief of local police in Butimanu in that time mobilized himself and we succeeded in hiring a guy from the surroundings to secure and keep the forest under surveillance beginning with 2006 February.

With the help of the keeper we delimited the field, numbered/marked the trees and began to sleep a little bit better at night.

Back in March you will see what a beauty of an access road we had  😦 ! We know that a part of our guests at “Aventura Parc” consider that the road is bad, but from the photos below until what it is today, we can ensure you in was a “long way”, with many expenses and not a “pebble” of help… even if it is a public road!


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