Connecting the dots…

One of the more inspiring speeches I have ever heard was that of the late Steve Jobs. This guy changed the face of the world as we know it and thanks to him we enjoy technologies I personnaly did not dream about when I was a child. (…)

Well, the part I prefer refers to “connecting the dots” in life, where I literally almost cried, moved by the depth and simplicity of the image…

Now at 40 I can perfectly understand what he is telling : you patiently draw the sketch of your own life, without any clue or model, to finally find out (or not) what is was all about.

I think it is the third or fourth time in our lives when we start almost from scratch with Cristina and we had really hard times deciding to leave Romania, our business and home in order to move on and build “something” different. Even now our house is not sold, the business neither but that does not matter : we are confident someone will buy the house, and we really hope that our employee and friend Alina will grab this fantastic opportunity to bring “Aventura Parc” on the next level, we wish her good luck…

Anyway for me it was hard to find out what to create further, to “reinvent” myself once again… And then the thought struck me out of the blue : I want to try to become a writer! And all the memories came into my mind : 1992, the worst year of my life, when I screwed up with my studies in superior mathematics and decided to move on with Cristina… A big flashy dot in my life after so many black ones…

It was also the year I made a promise to a friend, Roland, telling him I will become a writer one day, that he would see (we are both featured on this old class-photo I completely forgot until yersterday)… He did not believe me of course (who would believe a maths student who claims he wants to become a writer ??). But who knows, if you do not try, you will certainly not find out, do you ?

And now, after many dots plotted in my life, Cristina gives me “time” to do it, to try it, by working and earning the money to feed our family… I hereby thank her once again and hope that this dream will come true…

So, this is my personnal wish for 2014, nothing less, nothing more : work hard and try harder to become a writer, a blogger, a novelist.

I am connecting my “old and almost forgotten” dot…

Maybe some of you will help ! Thank your for reading 🙂


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