2006 – the adventure park inauguration

At last, after months and months of sustained efforts, we made our grand opening at “Aventura Parc” on 2006, July 14th.

It was the French national day, but this coincidence did not give us any luck as only one journalist used the coach we hired in order to transport all our guests to the forest. The remaining of the invited people arrived by car.

Maybe is it because Israel invaded Lebanon exactly on the same day, maybe we lacked time (we were pretty busy the preceding days) or experience that we did not succeed to promote enough this big event (to us)…

But in the end, in spite of this rather disappointing day, the media talked a lot about us: a team of reporters of an important local TV channel, Antena1, came in exclusivity on 2006, July 12th to make some shots in the facility and the journalists invited on July 13th for the press conference made a decent publicity about “Aventura Parc”.

Back at this time we decided to let the adventure park open 6/7 (closed on Monday). The sad truth is that very few people paid us a visit 😦

Our attractions were:

1. The green tree-climbing track
2. The yellow track
3. 3 inflatable castles
4. The “forest maze”
5. The road track with small go-carts
6. Ping-pong
7. The “health track” with obstacles

As you can see, our beginnings were rather difficult, but who can say something else?

This third post ends the series for the year 2006. I will come back with other years, in the chronological order 🙂

Until then, keep imagine & create !!


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