Is work the best sort of equilibrium?

An answer to Mr. Douglas Kennedy:

Work is a part of your way to equilibrium in life. It surely gives you “shape and meaning” to the day, and also to a large part of your life. That is why we have to take it seriously and find a healthy attitude towards it: if you work in order to feed your family, that is OK. If you work in order to earn money to pay your studies, OK. If you work in order to do what your family wants you to do (or what YOU think they want you to do)… then reconsider it. Always reconsider it after a while, it is best to do so if you do not want to find yourself prisoner of your own inertia on a sad day.

Because the very meaning of being human is making choices or, at least, create the appropriate conditions to give birth to your volition, to realize and to know that you like your work or not. Many of us do not like their jobs and do not find any fulfillment in it, but it is ALWAYS possible to find a kind of satisfaction in one’s professional activity.

So, as you speak of your own experience and the luck that you have, I will talk about mine: I had the chance to work for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and live in many countries, learn about geopolitics and international matters. But finally, when I found that my “equilibrium” was about to collapse within a few months, I decided to quit, with no way back. I deeply felt that if I was going on with this job, I would lose myself somewhere and lose my family. This was unacceptable, in spite of a big salary. You do not have to sell yourself for a big salary, as far as I am concerned.

From scratch, we built two companies in Romania where I learned by myself to facilitate team building sessions, to master new skills. We also created and developed the first adventure park ever opened there. So I learned how to plan and build houses, tree-climbing facilities and so on. The idea is that ANYHING is possible if you transcend your work and transform it into a spiritual journey into knowing yourself and learn what you really can do when you have your backs against the wall. And, once again, we found that after a decade, the “equilibrium” was about to collapse. So we sold our home and threw the dices again.

After many “signs” and inner suffering, I consider my actual situation (jobless) as a blessing I have to transcend: Life gave me the opportunity to finally confront myself to the solitary job of writing. And it is hard. But, since I know how to find “my way” as a self-taught man, I am currently finding my own path into the jungle of creativity, of useless tools and dead ends. From time to time, I find myself lost in the very same maze made my own hands, but I keep cutting with my machete, confident that someday I will give birth to something: “positive anger” and perseverance are my guides.

So, as a matter of fact, your attitude towards work dictates the whole thing: if you do not like your job, prepare to change and try to learn as much as you can from it, because you can learn from anything or anyone. Be ready to throw the dices and make bold moves in your life to find equilibrium: in physics, absolute equilibrium does not exist, you always have to correct it, from time to time.

Thank you for this inspiring question, Mr Douglas Kennedy.
Respectfully yours.



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