2007 – the year of the “premieres” @Aventura Parc

The year 2007 was really important to us because it was truly the first year (or year #1) of our activity (2006 being the “zero” year because it was the year of the building of the park and we did not succeed in attracting many customers to Lucianca 😦 ), the year of almost all of our “premieres”: first offer requests for the building of adventure parks, first wave of teammates and employees, first big events with many children or adults in the same time. And we managed during this year to create a structured and organized offer, after many trials and errors, many advices from our customers 😀

Before telling you more in detail our adventures, I prepared for you some pictures below to illustrate the year 2007:

2007 began with a really big and important project mobilizing our energy and enthusiasm : we were contacted by the mayor of Aninoasa, a town in the Hunedoara county in Romania – in order to build an “Aventura Parc” and integrate it into an existing amazing project which aim was to rehabilitate and revive the old mine there. We went to Aninoasa, made plans and pushed the collaboration relatively far, but sadly the project did not come through (not by our fault)…

A few weeks later, we were about to build an “Aventura Parc” in Mogosesti, a town south to Bucharest. But, once again, after viewing the location and conceiving plans, nothing happened…

Cristina and I could not run the park alone, only the two of us. We had to convince people to come and work there: it was really hard to attract young people to Lucianca. Their first claim was the “very big distance” to drive to our park. This is true, but one has to put things into perspective: in order to cross Bucharest with the collective transportation services, you need between one and one and a half hour, as you only need 45 minutes from the North railway station to Lucianca using the “maxi taxi”… Anyway all candidates (before the financial crises) had exaggerated demands regarding their salaries so we want to thank here the rare courageous people who said “yes” to the challenge of working with us 😛

So we made our first parties for children: birthdays, first name days, special occasions… We could not advertise much, so the “word to mouth” was the best mean to attract new children so they had a great day in the park!

Thanks to our experience at Team Zone we managed to attract some companies to try a sportive day in nature at Aventura Parc. So far we had tens of great events which participants came back a few days or weeks afterwards with their own children of friends 😉

As far as the attractions are concerned, we built the “Indians’ minigolf” in August. It was an extra playing ground which still has great success among the customers!

It is forbidden to make open fires in the Romanian forests, so we tried to satisfy our customers lending them electrical barbecues for a small fee. Some of them tested the system, but it is true that the taste is not so good if you compare it to a true barbecue meal made by the fire with coal. Finally we kept our electrical barbecues and gave up giving this service… You cannot succeed in anything you do!!

The year 2007 ended relatively well and we closed and prepared all our installations for winter, preparing for a new season!


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