Ireland… such a beautiful living fairy tale

As for the time being we traveled around Asia, we thought about making a little European trip, where there are plenty of spots to visit.
Even if the required budget is higher in order to visit a European country than an Asiatic one, there are a few tips and tricks in order to save money 🙂 and keep up with your savings.

Ireland is a country with a special kind of charm… We were already two times there and we think we would go another third time without hesitating very much. You will be surprised of the quietness and stillness you can find every step you make… not a horn sound in the streets – whenever you are in a big city or a small village… Irish people are very quiet persons and prefer driving behind a horse on a rural road than overtaking it 🙂

The prettiest area in Ireland (as far as we are concerned 😉 ) is Connemara… The landscapes appear to spring out of a fairy tale full of elves. We visited this area when we were young… back in 1996… I will scan some of the pictures and paste them in the lower part of the present post (back at this prehistoric time there were no digital photos 😉 ).

So we went there in 2010 with our son Marc and rented a beautiful cottage in a small village in the center of the country. It is a cheap alternative for a family with children 😉

During two weeks we traveled a lot and crossed regions and towns within the middle, southern and eastern parts of Ireland. If you rent a car, please do not forget to drive on the left side of the road, and keep in mind that roads are rather thin (with the exception of highways and some national roads). Driving is a challenge by itself 😉 but if you adopt the Irish style and do not rush, you will adapt quickly and enjoy the landscape: plenty of wild Narcissus, pheasants, deers, hinds, white sheep with black heads and “socks” :-)… traditional houses with straw roofs, splendid lakes and many of castles, ruins and monuments.

Food is not so cheap, but you can buy and cook in your rented cottage (fully equipped)… there are plenty of possibilities to buy and eat Irish specialties in the local supermarkets… Do not miss the opportunity to try different kinds of breads and the blackcurrant jam which are simply excellent!

You may also try once a “Fish & Chips” meal in a local fast food where you can have a delicious fried fish 🙂

An Irish curiosity (that you can find also in England, but not so often) in every cottage is… electricity… which works with a “eurometer”… which means with 2-euro coins… A stressing system because whenever you did not fill it with enough euros, you do not have any electricity and heating in the house… Furthermore electrical energy is expensive in this country, so is heating system… so prefer to travel in the summer 😉

A nice surprise was the extraordinary quality of coffee in Ireland… even if you buy it from a gas station, it tastes so good. Rarely will you drink awful coffee in Ireland 🙂

Another particularity of Ireland (which exists in many countries throughout the world 😉 ) is the weather changing very rapidly: now it is raining and cold, 10 minutes later it is sunny and rather hot. You can see it by yourself in the below photos ;-)…


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