Learning autonomy…

PARENTING – Being a parent is one of the trickiest and hardest jobs in the world. Because it lasts for life, because you have to change and adapt as long as your child is growing, because you will certainly fail on some issues, no matter how hard you try to keep up with the ever changing parameters. And mostly because there is no “user’s manual” 🙂

Nevertheless, there are some precious moments when you know deep inside yourself that you made the right choice. That was quite the feeling I had last Tuesday when I went with my almost 13 years-old-son Marc for his first sailing lesson.

As I told you, we just landed in Martinique a few months ago: it was a hard time for us as a family – even if the climate and beaches are great – because we left our home, our businesses, and “threw the dices” once again. It was even harder for Marc because he left his “friends” in Bucharest, landed in a new school and faced what we have to call a kind of “racism”. I will talk about it in an upcoming post because it is a problem down here and not so much for the “white” people – like us (we are coming from “metropolitan” France) – but for the other communities of the Caribbean…

Marc could not participate into the local soccer team – the coach would not let him a chance – so he stays on the bench although he really loves soccer. So we decided to give him to fencing lessons and he adores it!

So two days ago it was the first time he sailed, for 2 hours. I stayed on the beach with his mother, looking at him for long minutes, knowing that with his teacher he would learn fast. And that was the case!

After two hours he came back with a radiant smile on his face: it was truly magic for him. He was sailing far in the sea, alone – he even overturned once – and making his way towards autonomy…


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