why to “Google Sketchup” ideas…

While working at “Aventura Parc”, we had to hire students and train them in order to become teammates. Before that, we had to carefully read their resumes and interview them.

This interview was the first and most important test, as the candidates had to first find the adventure park 🙂 The very fact that they were present was the proof that they took the time to find us on internet and the roadmap there. After that, it was also the proof that they were interested in the job.

One of the most talented young women we worked there, Angela Dobre (called “Angi”) wrote “Google Sketchup” within her resume. Back at that time, I had no clue about what it was, so I asked her “what is that” at her interview. She answered that it was a free software about drawing lines and geometric figures.

Oooops! How interesting! Tell me about that please!

She told me about, of course. We hired Angi and she made an amazing stuff at “Aventura Parc”: drawings, decorating, playing with our guest children…

So back home, I downloaded the software, installed it, and began to play. The goal to me was to get rid of “Autocad”, a very performing but complicated piece of software. And I was simply amazed by the simplicity of “Google Sketchup” which revolutionized my way of conceiving and planning the building of… things. Anything.

Because, when you explain something to someone, the best way is a simple and efficient drawing. I began to make “plans” for my colleagues there, and every building process went better and better: I had to think and plan carefully at home, but the gain was huge in the end with no time wasted for errors. Sure, I had to explain my ideas on the field, but it was productive and efficient.

Moreover, Google Sketchup is sooooooo coooooooool!!

Below are some of my drawings:

And remember: you always have to learn, from your candidates resumes, from your collaborators, and so on!


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