I love my wife!

LOVE ANNIVERSARY – When I turned on my computer today, I was wondering what to write about on this blog… I knew it is a special day for my wife and I but, as usual, I wanted to keep it “quiet” and discreet on our 21st wedding day anniversary: go together to a restaurant, eat something good, mostly just looking in each other’s eyes and contemplating “solid” and true love…

Well, I wanted to write something “big”, special, but what? And as I opened my Facebook page (thank you Mister Zuckerberg), this sympathetic post just popped up in front of me: “Together with Cristina Rebiere for 21 years” and… Well this was it!

Of course, people do not usually write about events like these because it is so “cliché”, almost childish. But it is not, believe me. To be in love for a lifetime is something… it requires patience and discipline. In fact, I would say that it is a true “philosophy” as they did in ancient times: you have to live exactly as you think it is best and “translate” your living principles into real facts and deeds.

When I see around all the catastrophes happening in couples – divorces, violence and misunderstanding – I almost cry as I feel so much compassion for those people… They failed in something, they did not get the “user’s manual” of their relationships, often forgetting that they have to write and rewrite it… by themselves.

Cristina is a very special woman indeed. For most people who get to know her, she seems cold, distant and demanding. She appears to be complicated, always analyzing situations, writing endless sentences about a single minute of time, discussing the why and how of every small conflict that people usually overlook before they “move on and forget” – doing this way a HUGE mistake, because “the Devil is in the detail” and most of the time those small details can lead to total failure if you do not pay attention and… take the time to analyse them. An activity in which Cristina excels.

Well, that is because Cristina was “contaminated” very early in her childhood by two “viruses” called TRUTH and JUSTICE. She will speak about it – somehow – in the upcoming novels she is writing right now.

In fact everything is so simple with this woman… That is why she is amazing: she only wants the truth, but this is something people usually do not deliver, as we are so fond in the habit of pretending.

Anyway, after 21 years of marriage, I still love her deeply. She made me a man. She taught me to be true, to accept reality peacefully; she is my little “pocket Buddha” as I tell her from time to time…

I admire her: her courage to make bold decisions, her constant willingness to be kind with me, our son and friends, her elegance as she dresses every morning. She is a real “chameleon”, ever adapting to the new circumstances of our “roller coaster” life…

As Esther Perel was discussing in a great “TED talk”, Cristina manages to keep this “distance” with me that provokes attractiveness, fascination and desire.

So, today as a tribute to our love, I proclaim “urbi et orbi” that “I love my wife, and I am so proud of her, my “pocket Buddha”!


6 thoughts on “I love my wife!”

  1. Merci beaucoup mon amour pour tout ce que tu écris dans cet article ! Sache que je t’aime profondément, bien plus qu’il y a 21 ans.


    1. Thank you !
      I think one of the best ways of keeping love alive through a lifetime is to make common projects and create new situations in which you have to improve skills, thus admiration, thus desire and… love.

      Take care !


  2. Beau témoignage d’amour ! Rien n’est plus fort, en effet, que ce qui dure, j’ai la chance et le bonheur d’être marié depuis 45 avec la même femme 😉


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