– Doctor, I think I’ve lost my goal in life…

– OK, well. When and where did you lose it?
– I do not exactly remember that, Doctor. Sorry. I think I lost it somewhere among other things while I was busy surviving in my new environment.
– Hmm… Well, it is not so common to lose one’s goal in life… Maybe we could find another for you. So, what was it anyway?
– Uh… Something usual, like “be happy, help my relatives and try to love other people like I love myself”… The usual stuff I guess.
– Of course. So this is good news! You did not lose something so rare! And how was it made of?
– It was very strong, rooted deep in me and my soul. So… Maybe steel or iron.
– Yeah I see. Hard, strong, but maybe to heavy wasn’t it?
– Yes it was. I had pains in my chest from time to time carrying such a heavy goal in life. It sucked all my energy.
– Well. Maybe you did not lose it involuntarily. Maybe you WANTED to lose it somehow… What do you think of this statement?
– How can you even think about that Doctor?! It would be a shame for me to lose my goal with purpose! It is perfectly nonsense!
– If you say so…
– Yes I do say so! I am a grown mean, a self-taught adult with responsibilities and… Well, not so many after all… After we moved I lost my job, my professional objectives and incentives…
– And?
– …
– Does this new situation affect you to the point you suddenly “lost” your goal in life? Are so “unserious”?
– Wh.. What do you say Doctor? I think I do not understand your point… Do not mind my tears, please…
– I say that you are a pity of a man, fellow. You do not lose your purpose in life because you simply change your environment.
– So you mean I did not lose it somehow? How could that be possible?
– Well, I think you got lost in overreacting against the odds, making some air out of smoke, but nothing relevant or measurable.
– I think I should be going home now, even if I feel completely lost…
– That is because you fail – for the time being – in thinking and acting simply. If you procrastinate, if you think you hate people, just come back to yourself, like a child, and try to make some lists, some small goals to attain, day after day…
– Oh, thank you Doctor, I will try to do it. And do you think I could find another goal in life? Maybe in plastic this time? Something more durable or ecofriendly?
– Sincerely, I do not give a sh… on it! You are acting like a spoiled child. You should be ashamed! Now get off!


Image credit: http://akosicamz.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/life-goal-visioning-yourself/



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