Video editing tools

A week ago I told you about my temporary difficulties in organizing my projects: it was not procrastination, but only a kind of conjectural “mismanagement”.

Well, sometimes in life you have to count on your friends or spouse to help – we are all human beings and sometimes we feel bad – so it is not by any way a sign of weakness to ASK FOR HELP.

I asked and got help!

So now I am back in business and I would like to share with you a useful trick in order to optimize your videos after you export them from this great Ligthworks free version.

The point for me was: how to drastically reduce the “bitrate” (and thus their relatively huge size) of my videos without altering the quality.

The answer is: HANDBRAKE, an open source software that you can download here . I also found this great tutorial here on how to find the best settings for uploading on YouTube but made my own customization as I wanted the bitrate to go below the limit of 1,7Mbps.

So I made several attempts and tweaked a little bit and reached my goal with very good quality: you can find a screen capture of the settings below:


So reduce greatly the size of your videos and enjoy!

All the best.


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