2008 – A year of consolidation @Aventura Parc

2008 was the year when « Aventura Parc » really took off. We confirmed the positive trends of the precedent year. We succeeded in attracting schools, kindergartens, and companies. Tens of parties were held in the facility, most of them team building events. We invested the money buying an above-ground swimming pool, a must-have attraction considering the high temperatures we had back at this time 😉

In 2008 we also noticed the coming out of a new competitor in Brasov (we were the one and only to promote tree climbing in Romania). Happiness transformed quickly in bitterness when we learned that this company chose to use and abuse our name that, theoretically, is a registered trademark at the Romanian institution called “OSIM” (in 2011 this institution was not able to protect the “Romanian Police trademark” either, so…). This situation (where “Aventura Parc” is also a victim, as we want to put the stress on) generated and keeps generating numerous confusions and damages among our customers and providers, even reaching national authorities which are also abused… Until the end we noticed that they “performed” to make a trademark with our “reversed” brand name and were bound to sue them. We apologize to all who are victims of this confusion, but we DID NOT provoke it : “Aventura Parc SRL” exists since 2005, and the trademark “Aventura Parc” since 2006…

So far for this legal Romanian difficulty… In order to meet the expectations of our public and to promote team spirit for adults and teenagers (team building junior), we built a special area for low rope courses, called “Trust Zone”. In august we built and opened the tree climbing “Blue Track” to raise the challenges in the Lucianca forest! So ended 2008, with highs and lows, but the show must go on!!


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