Dear Scotland, how about you join Romania?

Inchirieri de idei

My dearest young country,

we hear you’re fed up with England. We understand the pain you’re going through, looking at breakup and separation after all these years. Yet, we couldn’t agree more that it is the sensible thing to do. England did not deserve you.

Not with them drinking your whiskey and laugh behind your back, while you’re doing the dishes. Definitely not.

We also understand that this is a time for sorrow and retreat. A time to think things over and imagine how your future life will be. We know. This is also the time any newly liberated country will say “I’ll stay single from now on. Independence is so much better”.

It looks better for the first two weeks, that’s for sure. It happened to us too, some years ago, when we broke up with the former Eastern Bloc. Yes, it was an arranged marriage, so it was easier. Still…

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Power Blogging Effectively

Some great ideas about powerblogging !

cropped-cropped-labtopandfood1.jpgDo you want to publish on your blog daily and even 2 to 3 times a day? Who does not want to generate large numbers of viewers by simply pressing the publish button? It works, trust me. I found bloggers who have done what they call “power blogging,” have a huge following. Yet someone like me creeps up in numbers as I take the time to write, re-write, edit and research before I press the publish button.

Fact: The more you publish on your blog, the more traffic you will gain.

So the question is how can you post more and still maintain quality post on your blog? Unless you’ve been doing this for a while and you’re a nerd at writing with plenty time on your hands, most likely you will not pump out 2-3 quality blogs a week let alone a day.

However, I have to believe that…

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