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team building: The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly

teamA few days ago, I came upon a really good article about team building activities

Indeed, sometimes it is hard to find out what a team building activity could or should be. We all know where the black and white are. But all the “50 shades of grey” do exist, even in the team building philosophy!

It would be risky to consider that everything implying a group and a common, “positive” goal is enough to facilitate or promote a useful workshop. These constitutive elements are certainly necessary, but not sufficient.

You also have to think about the health and integrity of the attendees, about the probable outcome and mostly what they will remember, back at the office, when the event is finished: what was the purpose of all this stuff? What did we learn? Are we at ease with all that happened there?

The definition proposed by David Jacobson is OK, but sometimes you have to define you own ethical principles, the “morality” of your activity as a facilitator, but also the “morality” of the whole event and several workshops or modules you prepare.

We had the same difficulty in Romania when lots of people asked to have a “paintball team building” as it was – and still is – “en vogue” among the human resources world. The employees ask for it, because it is new, it is attractive.

We reflected a lot about the implications when asked to include this “soft violence” into our modules: indeed as a paintball team you have to get the members organized, coordinated in order to successfully reach your goal. You have to be ready for sacrifice, abnegation, courage. That would be OK, say.

But you have to shoot in other people, in colleagues. You mimic war and destruction.

It is not ethical. It is not “team building” for me.

But then the difference can be more subtle: it is the same for “competition”. Is it OK to promote competition during team building activities at all costs? Even if our capitalistic system is mostly based on competition?

OK, but until you reach a limit: if competition overcomes the final purpose of the event you are creating for the attendees, which is – work better together – you have done something wrong, you must stop.

So prefer emulation to competition. Prefer cooperation to conquest.

Anyway, our professional activity as facilitators is slowly, but surely, shifting towards a new concept which some people call “capitalism as a force for good”, where we do not compete at all costs, but collaborate, where we do not retain information which is not vital, but share it in order to make other people grow.

My point is: team building is changing, as the world around us is.

The attendees must feel and believe they become better human beings after an event.

Maybe it is exaggerated, but I think it is a noble goal that will help us choose between several activities that seem to “taste” like team building, but are not.

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Video editing tools

A week ago I told you about my temporary difficulties in organizing my projects: it was not procrastination, but only a kind of conjectural “mismanagement”.

Well, sometimes in life you have to count on your friends or spouse to help – we are all human beings and sometimes we feel bad – so it is not by any way a sign of weakness to ASK FOR HELP.

I asked and got help! Continue reading Video editing tools

On my way to becoming a “YouTubeur”

This blog is about constantly (re)inventing yourself in order to live a happier life, just in case I forgot it 🙂 I am so lucky to have a kind of rollercoaster existence, but anything has its price.

And so for a couple of weeks until now I was rather sad, depressed, trying to figure out what to create furthermore, as I am a kind of “jobless” in Martinique right now. I worked a little bit as a tourist guide for cruises, and then thought about writing novels and e-books.

Being without any regular job does not mean that I am without any professional activity, as I am learning a large amount of new things and growing my “employability”. I am constantly trying new concepts and tools, sometimes without purpose: this is my personal “research & development” effort. It helped me greatly to build our home, to found “Aventura Parc” with my wife, to create websites, and so on. Internet is full of open information about anything, and practically you do not have an excuse not to learn by yourself, haven’t you?

I was wandering in many directions, procrastinating and not finishing anything – except publishing my wife’s e-books on Amazon. But for a few days, all things seem to converge towards one point: becoming a “YouTubeur”. I made this mistake with purpose because I would like to express myself on YouTube, speaking in French, my native language.

So why write about that in an English blog?

Well, I commit myself to writing in English because it is my way of thanking all the people who freely put their knowledge at disposal on internet ; and it is mostly in english language. Furthermore, I try to improve my “english” skills.

For more than ten years I used to organize and facilitate team building events – mostly in Romania, in Romanian –  and I think it is my turn now to explain on short movies how to facilitate such events. I would like to reach francophone people as it is easier for me to explain myself in front of a camera in my mother tongue, and also because there is a need to explain all this stuff: most of professional in this area try to complicate things, and I would like to make it simple.

So the idea is: “Team Building Facile”, and I will try to transform this idea into something real and, maybe, use it to reinvent myself and create a new job for me, here, or anywhere in the world… That would be my next dream!

As an important tool for my future activity as a “YouTubeur”, I decided – after carefully reviewing and trying many options – to use the free version of the “Lightworks” software, in order to edit my videos and I would like to share with you a great tutorial in order to insert a graphic (a “png” file) into your clip. Look at that:

I also managed to create a kind of brand throughout my social networks accounts and I will keep you posted.

Wish me good luck and see you soon on YouTube!

I have to leave now since I am cooking for my son 🙂

why to “Google Sketchup” ideas…

While working at “Aventura Parc”, we had to hire students and train them in order to become teammates. Before that, we had to carefully read their resumes and interview them.

This interview was the first and most important test, as the candidates had to first find the adventure park 🙂 The very fact that they were present was the proof that they took the time to find us on internet and the roadmap there. After that, it was also the proof that they were interested in the job. Continue reading why to “Google Sketchup” ideas…

When You Are Your Own Publisher

I love this post about freedom and the responsibility that comes with it !

QA Productions

quinnbook I get a lot of emails from people who are just starting out with self-publishing. For the most part I enjoy the conversations. Self-publishing isn’t all that difficult to do, but there is so much information available, so many options, it can be confusing as hell. I like to think I’ve set a few folks on a path that lessens the confusion and takes some of the mystery out of the process.

What I don’t enjoy are the emails that sound fueled by panic. I fear for the panicky folks–fear sets them up to be taken advantage of by overpriced “services” and vanity presses. These folks are easily led to believe that ebook conversion is too hard for less-than-technical geniuses and that distributing ebooks is worth an upfront fee and annual charges on top of retailer commissions. They are desperate for someone to take care of them–and taken they do…

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Learning autonomy…

PARENTING – Being a parent is one of the trickiest and hardest jobs in the world. Because it lasts for life, because you have to change and adapt as long as your child is growing, because you will certainly fail on some issues, no matter how hard you try to keep up with the ever changing parameters. And mostly because there is no “user’s manual” 🙂 Continue reading Learning autonomy…

The mind map, or how to organize creativity!

Being human is mostly about work, but also about creativity.

Or the other way around, because you have to be creative to get some news ideas in order to invent new concepts or pieces of art. Then you can work on them. And be creative again, initiating and maintaining a virtuous circle of “added value”… Continue reading The mind map, or how to organize creativity!

Connecting the dots…

One of the more inspiring speeches I have ever heard was that of the late Steve Jobs. This guy changed the face of the world as we know it and thanks to him we enjoy technologies I personnaly did not dream about when I was a child. (…)

Well, the part I prefer refers to “connecting the dots” in life, where I literally almost cried, moved by the depth and simplicity of the image… Continue reading Connecting the dots…