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Is work the best sort of equilibrium?

An answer to Mr. Douglas Kennedy:

Work is a part of your way to equilibrium in life. It surely gives you “shape and meaning” to the day, and also to a large part of your life. That is why we have to take it seriously and find a healthy attitude towards it: if you work in order to feed your family, that is OK. If you work in order to earn money to pay your studies, OK. If you work in order to do what your family wants you to do (or what YOU think they want you to do)… then reconsider it. Always reconsider it after a while, it is best to do so if you do not want to find yourself prisoner of your own inertia on a sad day. Continue reading Is work the best sort of equilibrium?


I trust in my self-learning abilities, but constantly try to broaden my skills and understanding.

I am good at writing in french. I am also good at self learning and building “tools” in order to work efficiently : organization, planning & procedures.

I try to improve my english and I would like to be better at healing others spiritual wounds, to “align” their conscious will with their subconscious will…