2008 – A year of consolidation @Aventura Parc

2008 was the year when « Aventura Parc » really took off. We confirmed the positive trends of the precedent year. We succeeded in attracting schools, kindergartens, and companies. Tens of parties were held in the facility, most of them team building events. We invested the money buying an above-ground swimming pool, a must-have attraction considering the high temperatures we had back at this time ;-)

In 2008 we also noticed the coming out of a new competitor in Brasov (we were the one and only to promote tree climbing in Romania). Happiness transformed quickly in bitterness when we learned that this company chose to use and abuse our name that, theoretically, is a registered trademark at the Romanian institution called “OSIM” (in 2011 this institution was not able to protect the “Romanian Police trademark” either, so…). This situation (where “Aventura Parc” is also a victim, as we want to put the stress on) generated and keeps generating numerous confusions and damages among our customers and providers, even reaching national authorities which are also abused… Until the end we noticed that they “performed” to make a trademark with our “reversed” brand name and were bound to sue them. We apologize to all who are victims of this confusion, but we DID NOT provoke it : “Aventura Parc SRL” exists since 2005, and the trademark “Aventura Parc” since 2006…

So far for this legal Romanian difficulty… In order to meet the expectations of our public and to promote team spirit for adults and teenagers (team building junior), we built a special area for low rope courses, called “Trust Zone”. In august we built and opened the tree climbing “Blue Track” to raise the challenges in the Lucianca forest! So ended 2008, with highs and lows, but the show must go on!!

First Toshiba Satellite 2002

I have a relationship with Toshiba…

As weird as it may seem, it appeared to me that I must have a “relationship” with Toshiba without even being aware of it. Please do not consider that I have any shares in this Japanese company or something like that. No. I have a French car, a Romanian wife, an American fridge, speak a little german and so on.

It only seems that me and Toshiba have to “meet”, from time to time, when I have to purchase a laptop. The first one was a looong time ago: back in 2002 I was working in Romania and we bought one just passing by in Paris, as we knew that it would be much easier to transport. In fact, there were quite a few models available on sale back at this time: I remember feeling awkward in the airports as we had to show this brand-new piece of hardware… Funny.

First Toshiba Satellite 2002I found on internet a picture of this first “Satellite”, with XP and no webcam. It was a good machine, with a Pentium processor (perfect for playing Civilization 3), but the video card failed eventually and we relied only on desktop machines a few years later. But my story with Toshiba would not end this time, even if I am not “attached” to brands, or so do I think of myself.

Then we bought another laptop – a Toshiba Satellite (once again) – that is still working and in a good shape today, even if the CMOS battery is dead and I feel no urge to change it by myself and perform the “surgery” :-) Back at this time in 2007, we had to meet a client and make a presentation (videos, slides), but the first laptop had big issues and we would not wand to take the risk to blow things up (with the screen going blank without notice during our speech), as the contract involved was crucial to us.

So we scanned the offers on internet and… bingo, the winner was – again – a Toshiba “Satellite”, with good speakers as I enjoy hearing music. Anyway I quickly transferred the needed files on our new laptop, we made the presentation and won the contract!

The problem with this laptop occurred that it was preinstalled with the famous “Windows Vista”, and – as millions of guys like me – I got sick of this OS in a few weeks which was rejecting any piece of software I previously worked on. Appalling, and disgusting. I had to get rid of it, and quick.

So I resolved to “downgrade” for the first time in my life: a painful and long process, which lasted almost one day, with my emotions doing the “rollercoaster”. But at last, I had a brand new “Toshiba Satellite XP machine”. Cool.

Then, back in 2013, I knew that Microsoft would end the support for XP so I installed another version, the Windows 7 opus. Once again, I had a brand new “Toshiba Windows 7 machine”. Cool.

Everything was OK but the processor and the small RAM began to generate some problems in my workflow for some tasks, as I wanted to make some “YouTubing” and process some videos, the Celeron processor was not enough anymore to produce HD clips in a reasonable amount of time.

Second and third Toshiba  SatellitesDuring our recent trip in the Rocky Mountains, I was looking desperately in the “BestBuy” shops, searching for offers, and in the end my wife made the decision to buy me a new laptop for my projects, because my wife is so cool, and understanding: we had to chose between 3 brands: Acer, Toshiba, and HP… And the winner was (with big RAM but AWFUL speakers…)… Toshiba Satellite C55 ! A cool piece of hardware at a very affordable price.

So, definitely, as Julia Roberts almost said in “Eat, Pray, Love”: “I have a relationship with my Toshiba Satellite”!


Video editing tools

A week ago I told you about my temporary difficulties in organizing my projects: it was not procrastination, but only a kind of conjectural “mismanagement”.

Well, sometimes in life you have to count on your friends or spouse to help – we are all human beings and sometimes we feel bad – so it is not by any way a sign of weakness to ASK FOR HELP.

I asked and got help! Continue reading


Burning out like an idiot, initiating too many projects…

The man you see every morning in the mirror can be your best friend… or your fiercest enemy. It seems that the last is trying to suck the best out of me during the last couple of weeks.

I am not giving up the project of becoming a “YouTubeur”, but it has to wait, as I am obviously prisoner of my own “creative loop”, biting my own tail like a crazy dog. Continue reading


We self-published an e-guide on Martinique!

I am excited to announce that, after months of visiting and photographing awesome locations, going on trails, writing and editing, Cristina and I finally self-published an innovative, extensive and responsive tourist e-guide about Martinique.

So, if you do not know where to spend the next holidays, why not pay a visit for a few days to this beautiful Caribbean island? All its treasures are waiting for you! Continue reading

14.04.13 NY around Central Park (15)

some humans in New York…

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to go to NYC for a few days. Well, everything has already been written about the “big apple” and frankly we were impressed as all tourists coming by are when they see all the skyscrapers, museums and the “melting pot” of all colors and cultures present in the streets and avenues. Continue reading

14.01.29 ERAEI Jour 2 002

I love my wife!

LOVE ANNIVERSARY – When I turned on my computer today, I was wondering what to write about on this blog… I knew it is a special day for my wife and I but, as usual, I wanted to keep it “quiet” and discreet on our 21st wedding day anniversary: go together to a restaurant, eat something good, mostly just looking in each other’s eyes and contemplating “solid” and true love… Continue reading


Thich Nhat Hanh… my zen master…

SPIRITUALITY – I like to think I tend to be a “Man” described by Rudyard Kipling in his famous poem “If…”. So to be brief I try to be flexible, to adapt, and make my own opinion about things and people.

But some of them really influenced my thinking and well-being as a human. First I discovered Buddhism reading the drama of a French actress called Véronique Jannot. Her autobiography, called “Trouver le chemin” in French (“Find the path” in english) was striking and turned me upside down as I learned all the difficulties and ordeals she had in her life, finding in the end the power to be happy and truthful thanks to Tibetan Buddhism. Continue reading

05.02.06 Bucarest 006

Building our home in Bucharest #2

As I was telling you in a first post, we left our new-bought-house in Bucharest almost untouched for one year: from time to time we went there in order to make some measurements and figure out what we wanted to do with our new property.

We wanted to move in because of the constant tensions with my parents-in-law, but regarding the state of the windows and insulation and the structure itself (it was built during the fifties) the house needed some major improvements. But what exactly did we want? How would the works cost? What was the local legislation? What were the steps to make? Continue reading


Cristina publishes her first e-novel!

I am delighted to announce the digital publishing of the first ebook written by my wife Cristina. I am so proud of her and would like to use this opportunity in order to proclaim “ubi et orbi” all the admiration I feel for her since the day she came into my life and turned it upside down, for the best…

In the future, you may find all our writings on this blog’s “ebooks” page.

Cathy Merlin: 1. Le monde des elfes” (French edition for the time being), a novel full of adventures, is the result of a collective work – like all our projects – as far as writing, digital editing and cover making are concerned.

I wish “good luck” to the book and hope that – maybe – the interest it will raise among potential readers will determine Cristina to write its sequel which already exists in her mind and imagination. If it does not happen, do not worry as we already have tons of projects… to write down!

I wish you all the best and thank you for reading,

04.01.13 69 Teleajen 002

Building our home in Bucharest #1

Building your home – a house – is a big achievement in life: you have to struggle in order to push your organizational and financial boundaries. You find yourself entangled in legal problems you never thought about… It is a long story!

Anyway, as almost every story we started in our existence, the first move was an emotional one, a strong “emotion” that put everything “in motion”… Continue reading

41 years old : happy birthday to myself !

Well, today is a special day for me : I am at last 41 years old ! I say “at last” because my 40th birthday was rather sad, since we knew that our life would change, but we did not know how.

Today I have the answer, and I am happy, so happy ! Today I got some messages from close friends, sincere words and wishes for which I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

We are all here for a purpose and I would like to thank my wife Cristina for inspiring and helping and loving me every single day. Thank you my love !

And for those who happen to be born on the same day, I send you all my love and say : this f… life is so amazing to live !!

I wish you all the best !

me (not to be taken very serioulsy today ;-) )

biodegradableUrnPS: I would like to end up and transform into a tree. Awesome !

08 Turn escalada acoperis

why to “Google Sketchup” ideas…

While working at “Aventura Parc”, we had to hire students and train them in order to become teammates. Before that, we had to carefully read their resumes and interview them.

This interview was the first and most important test, as the candidates had to first find the adventure park :-) The very fact that they were present was the proof that they took the time to find us on internet and the roadmap there. After that, it was also the proof that they were interested in the job. Continue reading


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